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Sin City Baseball Events

Summer Heat Classic

August 1-2

Kingman, AZ


** To clarify - this will use 2020 season ages.  This is a continuation of the past season, not the beginning of a new one **

Fees are due now.  Tourney schedule will be available Sunday night by 6p.

Please visit

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Summer Hardball Classic

  • Four game guarantee

  • Top four advance to bracket play

  • Fully stocked concessions available

  • Top notch baseball facility with ample parking and nearby hotels

  • Average 15 to 20 degrees cooler than Las Vegas during the summer

  • Half hour drive from Laughlin

  • Hour and a half drive from Las Vegas

  • Recruiting the top younger teams in the west coast

  • Rings for division champions

  • Rings for runners up

  • Two umpires for each game

  • All tournament team will be named for each age division.  One MVP will be named for each age division with a trophy presented

Please email for more information or to sign up

Tentative Teams - Confirmed in Red

7u Teams

Sin City Thunder NV

TC Titans CA

Oxnard Blue Jays CA

MVP Hustle Ojeda CA

Live Free Play Hard CA

8u Teams

Sin City Thunder NV

Harbor Area Natives CA

Beaumont Bad Boys CA

Easy Money AZ

Young Guns CA

9u Teams

Sin City Thunder NV

Young Guns CA

Angels AZ

Fresno Aztecs CA

Back2Back Baseball CA

10u Teams

Sin City Thunder NV

Olive Dirtbags CA

Harbor Area Natives CA

Misfits CA

  • No new inning after 1:35.  Games must stay on time due to COVID 19 park regulations.  The final games of the day have to be completed by 8p.   Please hustle kids in and out between innings for more game play

  • All rosters must be turned in before the first games along with a tournament waiver.  Forms will be provided to coaches.  Birth certificates are not required for check in.  Teams are on the honor system for only using age eligible players 

  • Any team found to have used an aged out player will complete all pool play games but will not be eligible to advance to bracket play  

  • The standard May 1st cutoff date will be used

  • There are no pitching restrictions

  • 7u and 8u will use 40 foot mounds, 60 foot bases

  • 9u and 10u will use 46 foot mounds, 65 foot bases

  • Players may compete on more than one team, however they can't play on two teams in the same age division, and they can only pitch on one team

  • No dropped third strike or leads offs for 7u and 8u

  • A run can only score from a batted ball in play, a hit by pitch, or a base on balls in 7u and 8u.  No advancing to home from other situations

  • Runs are capped at five for the first three innings in 7u and 8u.  Unlimited after

  • Runs are capped at seven for the first three innings in 9u and 10u.  Unlimited after

  • Mercy rule is 12 runs after three, 8 runs after four

  • Please provide stats for each game for tourney all star consideration.  Game Changer is the preferred format, however any method is fine

  • Advancing past pool play will follow this order:

    • Overall record​

    • Head to head.  If more than two teams are tied, this is dismissed unless one team beat all the others 

    • Run differential -  capped at seven runs.  Therefore, winning 18-1 is no more helpful than winning 8-1

    • Runs scored

    • Coin toss

      • Runs allowed will not be used.  Perfect pool play would be going 4-0 with 28 points (four seven run victories)​

  • All umpire score cards will be final.  Please check and confirm the final score carefully before you sign.  We will make adjustments if both teams agree an error has been made, however if there is not a consensus, the umpire scorecard will prevail

  • Protests must be handled immediately.  Judgment calls are not subject to a protest.  There will be no retroactive protests

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