We are in existence to win baseball games - or at the least, give it our all  trying to do so.  While being a competitive baseball team is important, it is not the sole focus of this organization.  


School is priority number one for our ballplayers.  Players are expected to pass all subjects.  If a players is falling behind academically, they will be required to raise their grades before they can return to the team.  We have a number of educators as part of our Thunder family and this isn't written as idle words; simply there because we think it sounds important.

We believe baseball, like any sport, is a vehicle we can use to teach life lessons to our kids.  Life throws us both success and failure, just as the game of baseball does.  We want our kids to learn how to handle themselves when things go well, and when things do not go the way they want.  We expect to be sound role models.  We expect our players to model exemplary behavior.

What does it cost to play for the Thunder?   

Dues are $85 a month for one tournament, $125 a month for two tourneys


What do these dues cover?

They pay for tournament entry and renting fields for practice

Why is the Thunder considerably less expensive than other club baseball teams?  

We are a non-profit organization and no adults are paid for their time or efforts.  We like to think this is just a different business model - not a lesser product 

What about travel, leagues, and uniforms?  Are these additional costs?

When we travel to out of state tournaments, dues will cover entry fees in the tournaments.  Families are on their own for travel expenses.  We have no plans to participate in any leagues at this time

But what about uniforms? 

$175 per player.  It includes game jerseys, practice shirts, pants, socks, belts, helmet, and bat bag.  This fee also covers our insurance and registration fees

Where do you practice?

Our outdoor practices are held at Faiss Middle School or Red Ridge Park

Can my ballplayer play Little League? 

Yes.  Preferably just spring, though.   The Little League experience is important for kids and we want our players to have the opportunity to participate in All-Stars.   Our expectation, however,  is our players prioritize our practices over Little League practices and our games over Little League games.  During fall season we will ask that we have full commitment to the Thunder because this time is critical to focus on the beginning of the new season 

How often will Thunder teams play?

Expect at least one tournament a month from September through May.  Often, we will play two tournaments.  Scrimmage games will be scheduled periodically.  We want our kids in game situations as much as possible.  Practice is important, but practice can't replicate the feel of an actual game

Can we guest play on other teams?  What about camps and clinics?

Absolutely - if we are not playing and a team needs a player, go have fun.  Camps and clinics are highly encouraged.  The more coaching and repetitions a kid gets, all the better for his or her development.  

Is Club baseball the proper route for my ballplayer?

Hopefully.  There are advantages to playing club over local league play such as Vegas Valley, NYS, and Little League.  For starters, the competition is more accomplished.  Many of the most talented kids are competing in club.  For kids to get better, they need to play their peers of a similar skill level.  Also, club teams have no roster restrictions so teams can stay together as long as they wish.  A proper club team will start young and develop their ballplayers until they reach the high school level    

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