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News and Updates

We had a super successful day raising funds for our program through a car wash.  Thanks to Conrado and Company for providing a facility for our teams to use, and thanks to all the Thunder families for their support!  Kids had a blast and we washed many cars on a hot, muggy day.  Big shout out to the local community for coming out to support a youth athletic organization!

Our final 2020 season tourney saw our 7u team compete in their very first 7u tournament (after playing up in 8u or 9u all season).  We were perfect in pool play, going 4-0, but sadly lost our championship game to a team we had beaten the previous day.  It was a great time, however, and we enjoyed matching up against very strong teams from California

In September, all teams move up and begin their 2021 season.  We look forward to great success, continued learning and honing of our craft, and tons of fun


Our 7u, 11u, and 12u teams are all looking for players, so please email if you are interested in more information or would like to attend a practice

Speaking of 12u, we welcome two new teams to the 2021 season.  Coach Fred and Coach Michael each will helm a squad, and it is great to see more kids getting involved with youth baseball!  It's the greatest game in the world and we are happy to do our small part to bring it to kids.  We wish best of luck to both of these teams and their coaching staffs!

New team alert!  It looks like we may be adding a 13u team to our pipeline.  More on that to come soon!


In other news, we recently completed our first Thunder Gives Back charity drive with all proceeds going to Project 150, which is program designed to assist homeless teens.  We have more things planned as we strive to teach these kids what it means to be compassionate


With school starting, we now will balance our scholastic goals with our baseball goals.  It has been a long, crazy, summer.  Looking forward to what the fall brings

Thunder Achievements

2018 Shogun Tournament - Nevada

9u Runner Up

2018 Bring The Bacon - Nevada

9u Runner Up

2019 Double Play - Nevada

9u Tournament Winner

2019 Bring The Bombs - Nevada

9u Runner Up

2019 Winter Blast NIT - Nevada

9u Runner Up

2019 March Madness - Nevada

9u Runner Up

2019 Baseball Bash - Nevada

9u Runner Up

2019 May Day - Utah

8u Tournament Winner

9u Runner Up

2019 Duel In The Desert - Nevada

8u Runner Up

2019 Summer Sizzler - Utah

8u Tournament Winner

2019 Endless Summer - Utah

6u Runner Up (8u division)

2020 Winter Blast - Nevada

10u Runner Up

2020 Boo Bash - Nevada

9u Runner Up

10u Runner Up

2020 Stars and Stripes - Arizona

11u Tournament Winner

2020 Super Bowl Classic - Utah

10u Runner Up

2020 Toy Drivin' - Nevada

11u Tournament Winner

2020 Domingo Ayala - Nevada

7u Runner Up (8u division)

2020 Pre-Presidents Day - Arizona

11u Runner Up

2020 Cedar Classic - Utah

7u Tournament Winner (8u division)

2020 River Riot - Arizona

7u Runner Up (8u division)

2020 Kings and Queens - Arizona

8u Silver Bracket Winner (9u division)

2020 Bring The Bombs - Nevada

8u Tournament Winner

7u Runner Up (8u division)

2020 Beaver Bash - Utah

8u Tournament Winners

2020 Cedar City Classic - Utah

7u Tournament Winners (8u division)

8u Tournament Runner Up

2020 Summer Heat Classic - Arizona

8u Tournament Runner Up

2020 Back to School Bash - Utah

7u Tournament Runner Up

2021 Southern Slider - Utah

9u Tournament Runner Up


UP NEXT:  September Uprising, Kingman, AZ

8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u Nepa

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